Quickfire Modules

Why not let something astonishing happen at the tip of your pen… right now?

The Quickfire Modules take you to the next level, pronto.  Each audio module helps you with a crucial writing issue, and the user-friendly instructions get you there IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES!

These short audios are the quickest way I know to achieve stunning insights and powerful content.  I'm sure these units will breathe fresh life into your writing – and into you.

There are two modules available individually:

Module 1:  The Poet's Ear - designed specifically for poets;

Module 3:  Writing Warm-Ups - for all writers (prose AND poetry).

The Quickfire Modules are among my very best resources.  They’re tried and tested, and they carry a money-back guarantee.  They’d normally cost a small fortune to access, but I'm making the two individual modules available here at just $7 each  [see note below *].

If you're principally a poet, you might be tempted to get the entire set of modules (geared mainly for poetry) at a hefty discount - just $25.  This includes those modules not currently on sale individually.  So, you can get ALL SIX modules for less than the equivalent price of FOUR.  But be quick: this special deal isn't a permanent offer!

These prices are ridiculously low, I know; but I want my best teaching materials to be out there in the world, creating relief and excitement for all the writers I meet who struggle with their craft.  This huge discount is a special concession for users of this site, i.e. You.

I'm sure these audio modules will revitalise you.  They’ll help you to write more, more interestingly, and at a higher standard.  May they bring out the ‘I am’ in you.

“I am,  I am,  I am.”  –  Sylvia Plath

[* Please note.  If you buy a single Module FIRST, then get the complete set LATER, you won't be reimbursed for the single Module.  That's because the set doesn't actually charge for the single Modules (they're included in the set as a free gift).  So, if you think you might want the complete set, it'll be cheaper to just buy that straight away.  Also, if you do buy the complete set FIRST, don't then purchase any single Modules later - you'll already have them!]

P.S.  If you think you might dive in and buy ALL the audios on this site, look at the special deal here before you buy things individually - the deal will work out much cheaper!

Mario Petrucci - Founder: Writing Into Freedom

“An amazing teacher... it wasn't until now that I understood the difference between a good and a great poem.”

"A master of the art." - Poetry Writers' Yearbook

Remember, this offer is exclusive.  Prices may increase with demand, so take full advantage now.

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