Get ALL the courses on this site... at a rock-bottom price: just $57

[buying these items separately, at normal price = $ 72 !]

"I have paid for the full package and I have to say it's marvellous: worth every penny! ... Your exercises/suggestions are promoting work that's inspiring me."

At massive discount, you'll secure the complete set of audio resources provided by Writing Into Freedom.  Here's what you get...

1.  ELEMENTS OF SURPRISE.  Prose/ poetry.  A comprehensive audio course for writers looking for that extra spark, who’d love to surprise themselves.  Easy to listen to, thoroughly enjoyable, straightforward to use.  Watch your writing take off, riding on the back of invigorating, incisive language.  4 full-length audios.

2.  The QUICKFIRE MODULES.  Mostly poetry.  These audios provide stunning insights and powerful content for your work.  Each module helps you with a crucial writing issue, AND gets you there IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES.  These units will breathe fresh life into your writing – and into you...

Quickfire Module 1The Poet’s EarHow to tell what’s working in a poem and what isn’t.

Quickfire Module 2Sonic StitchingA unique approach to making poems sound great.

Quickfire Module 3Writing Warm-Ups3 superb ways to get moving when you’re stuck.  [Prose + Poetry].

Quickfire Module 4Solo WorkshoppingFor those who don’t have much access to help from other writers.

Quickfire Module 5Making Memorable MetaphorsCreate terrific poetic images – even when you feel uninspired.

Quickfire Module 6Growing Your Poetry: Volume, Voice & Points of ViewThe three pillars of productivity: writing more, varying your voice, expanding your sensibility.

3.  WATCH THAT TITLE!  This audio is an absolute eye-opener, guaranteed to get you an irresistible idea in as little as ten minutes!  And you can use it to get a brand new piece of work, over and over again...

[Watch That Title! is provided free elsewhere on this site, but I include it here, just to make sure you have it.]

I hope you'll agree, that's a pretty formidable line-up.  Where else can you get so much help and support in your creative writing, for  just $57 ?

[Note: clearly, this offer only saves you money if you haven't already bought one of the bigger items in the online store.]

Good luck, and all the best in all you do.

Mario Petrucci   Writing Into Freedom  (founder)  © 2017

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