Do you feel your writing's IN A RUT?  Are you looking for that SPECIAL INGREDIENT, that extra SPARK?  Are you ready to go DEEPER?

This audio course is ideal for writers of poetry, and excellent for prose writers of all kinds, regardless of experience and ability.


“No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader...”  Robert Frost.

We often assume that a ‘surprise’ is some sudden or unpredictable event beyond our knowledge, outside our control.  In fact, we can create surprises.  We can make them happen in our work, and within ourselves, far more than we think!

As a writer, I yearn for my words to escape their confines, to leap away into stunning new terrain.  I want my own writing practice to teach me.  Don't you?  But how on earth do we surprise ourselves, fenced in by what we already know?

If you'd love to surprise yourself with your writing, if you're keen to give your words (and your creative life) a REAL lift, then Elements of Surprise is for you.

These audios are easy to listen to, thoroughly enjoyable, and straightforward to use.  The course is comprehensive and wonderfully thorough, without being onerous.  It gets your imagination to jump that fence.  Watch your writing take off, riding on the back of invigorating, incisive language.

I can offer you Elements of Surprise for just $47.  That’s a fraction of what it normally costs to access these materials.  You get 4 substantial audio modules that will refresh and renew your writing practice...

Audio 1      Surprises I     Explore what you’re really like as a writer.  This audio will ensure that you deepen and expand your writerly perception.

Audio 2      Surprises II     Enjoy three fantastically simple techniques that can kick-start original ideas and free up the imagination.  Surprise yourself!

Audio 3      Sense & Connection I      Re-engage unusually with the world and with yourself.  Renew and refresh your basic approach to writing.

Audio 4      Sense & Connection II     This retrains you to connect with the world differently.  Create new and rewarding ways to write and rewrite.

I hope your curiosity is really fired up now.  That curiosity is itself a great start for your writing.  All the best with pen and keyboard!

[And remember: 'ELEMENTS' is for all writing genres, NOT JUST POETRY.]

“I don’t need an alarm clock.  My ideas wake me.”  Ray Bradbury

Mario Petrucci    Founder: Writing Into Freedom

"A master of the art." – Poetry Writers' Yearbook

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