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“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

Ernest Hemingway


If I told you I could sit down, right now, this very second, and write something creative, would you believe me?  And what if I told you that the piece itself would almost certainly surprise me?  I just wouldn’t know where it was going until it got there?!  That kind of relationship with creativity doesn’t always happen overnight, but it does happen.  Writing Into Freedom is a wonderful way to make sure it happens for you.  It’s full of writing exercises that are liberating, easy to do, and a truckload of fun.

You don’t need to turn up to these online courses with great ideas, or with reams of existing work straining at the leash.  And you can pick and choose the bits you need.  Some resources are specifically for poets; others for creative writers more generally.  There are single modules, quick and inexpensive, dealing with a particular issue.  Or immerse yourself in a lengthier course that’s thorough but always straightforward and user-friendly.  Throughout, I've made sure the exercises don’t take too long – I know you have a thousand things to pack into your life!

I’m sure of one thing: you don’t have to be a genius to be intensely creative.  Creativity isn’t the sole preserve of the professional or gifted writer.  Almost anyone can do it – experience has proved this to me, over and over again.  Everyone can become more aware of their inner potential, their power to produce extraordinary words that carry remarkable meanings.  Most people need just three things: an open mind, an open heart, and the right kind of stimulating challenge.

Why not join me on this extraordinary journey into yourself?  Whether you’re a poet or prose-writer, your creativity will be rejuvenated.  Most importantly, you yourself will never be quite the same again.


“It is through the grace of poetry that the divine spark lives forever

in the human flint.”  Saint-John Perse


Mario Petrucci

Award-winning writer & four times a Royal Literary Fund Fellow


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Who I've helped...

I’ve worked with thousands of students and writers, and we’ve never failed to produce something of value together.  I mean an entirely new perspective on writing and a fresh relationship with your creative self.

I’ve mentored 80-year-olds who’d endured writer’s block for decades, convinced they’d never write again.  I’ve helped university students who, as kids, had been excited and moved by literature and poetry, but who needed, as adults, to get out of a writing rut.  And I’ve guided women who sensed their deepest truths were locked away behind thick doors of self-doubt, confusion and endless childcare.

What I find is always the same.  With a little guidance – the right kind of guidance – and a smattering of tried-and-tested techniques, those doors begin to open.  Actually, the windows open too – and even the rafters begin to spread their woody arms to the sky...

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Writing 1111 poems?!

I recently challenged myself to write 1111 poems from utter scratch.  This would be my magnum opus, my writing pinnacle!  But why wait for the muse to ‘strike’?  There had to be a way to let creativity happen in me each time it was needed, even when I didn’t feel up to it.

But what if I had nothing to say?  1111 times, without fail, it all worked out.  Why?  Because I’m a genius?  Not at all.  Because I’m really, really talented?  Well, not quite!  It’s because I’d found and practised a raft of sure-fire techniques that make language happen.

The exercises in Writing Into Freedom won’t give you 1111 poems; but something happens for just about everyone using them.  For 30 years, I've worked with every kind of writer imaginable: I’ve yet to pull a blank.

That’s why I’m happy to offer your money back after 30 days if there’s even a whiff of dissatisfaction.  Go well!

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