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"If you wish to be a writer, write."   Epictetus


Do you hope that, one day, you might compose a terrific poem... one day – but not yet?  Or do you believe, deep down, that it won't happen for you?  If you really sweat and toil – is that the ONLY way to have some slim chance of writing a powerful poem?

What if I told you, you can get something exciting to happen in your poetry… in about 10 minutesWatch That Title!  is FREE and it takes no longer than hard-boiling two sets of eggs.  It’s one of my finest front-line resources.  I use it myself all the time.

Watch That Title!  can create thrilling ideas – even complete new poems – on the spot.  It’s uncanny how it works, even at first attempt.  I developed this resource because, like you, I'd endlessly fret over blank paper, trying to get something to happen.

I find that long-winded theories or formulas usually don’t work for struggling writers.  Watch That Title!  is so easy to follow.  It guides you, step by simple step, into a fresh poetic world, all in a matter of minutes.  I believe it will surprise and liberate you.

Mario Petrucci - Founder: Writing Into Freedom    © 2017

“An amazing teacher... it wasn't until now that I understood the difference between a good and a great poem.”

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