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"Remarkable..."    "This is a very powerful technique."


"If you wish to be a writer, write."   Epictetus


Do you hope that, one day, you'll write something terrific... one day – but not yet?  Or do you believe, deep down, that it just won't happen for you?  If you really sweat and toil... is that your ONLY (slim) chance of writing something powerful?

What if I told you, you can get remarkable things to happen in your creative writing… in about 10 minutesWatch That Title!  is FREE and is faster than hard-boiling two sets of eggs.  It’s one of my finest front-line resources.  I use it myself constantly.

Watch That Title!  can create thrilling ideas – even a complete new piece – on the spot.  It’s uncanny how it works, even at first attempt.  I developed it because, like you, I'd endlessly fret over blank paper, trying to get something to happen.

I find most long-winded theories or formulas usually don’t work for struggling writers.  Watch That Title!  is so easy to follow.  It guides you, step by simple step, into a fresh world, in mere minutes.  I'm sure it will surprise and liberate you.


Note: the techniques in this audio can be used by ALL writers, for prose as well as poetry [though the audio often uses poetry as its example].


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“An amazing teacher... it wasn't until now that I understood the difference between a good and a great poem.”

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