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How on earth do you start a poem?  This is a great way to create a thrilling idea – or even a complete new poem – on the spot.

This concise audio guides you, step by simple step, into a fresh poetic world, all in a matter of minutes.

If you're stuck or confused, it will surprise and liberate you.  And it's completely FREE.

Also superb for anyone fed up with trying to overcome Writer's Block...

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Quickfire Modules

These short audio modules take your poetry to the next level, pronto.  They're a quick way to achieve stunning insights and powerful content for your poems.

Each audio module helps you with a crucial writing issue, and the user-friendly instructions get you there IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES.

Just $7 each!

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Ideal for poets, also excellent for writers of all kinds, regardless of experience and ability.

A comprehensive audio course for anyone hoping to deepen their practice, especially those who’d love to surprise themselves as well as their readers.

Easy to listen to, thoroughly enjoyable, straightforward to use.

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Writing Into Freedom

A special package that gets you ALL the audio courses on this site... at a rock-bottom price.

A workout for anyone serious about taking the next step in inventiveness - but who hopes to have fun doing it!  This substantial package will get you moving in fresh directions without taking weeks or months to do.

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"I created Writing Into Freedom because I've witnessed so much artistic suffering with SO many writers over the years: wonderful and genuine people who brim with a yearning to write, but can't quite seem to get there..."


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