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'I want to express myself - how on earth do I start a new piece?'

Are you eager to write something of real importance to you, but don't quite know how?  This audio is great for creating a thrilling idea - or even a finished piece - on the spot.

The exercise focuses on poetry, but will work for anyone (prose writers too!) fed up with Writer's Block Whether you're completely stuck or just uncertain, this unique resource will surprise and liberate you.  Step by simple step, enter a fresh writing world in mere minutes!

"A great resource - a wonderfully simple idea with lots of possible uses."  (user feedback)

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Quickfire Modules


WRITERS, these short audio modules take you to the next level, pronto.

A quick route to stunning, powerful content.  Easy ways to hone your technique so that your writing can really lift off.

Each audio module helps you with a crucial writing issue, and the user-friendly instructions get you there IN ABOUT TEN MINUTES.

Two modules available for just $7 each!  One module suitable for poets, the other for all writers (prose too).

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IN A RUT with your writing?

Comprehensive audio course for those seeking to deepen their practice.  Would you love to surprise yourself as well as your readers?

Invaluable for connecting with the world and with your self more deeply, to express or discover fresh insights.

Easy to listen to, enjoyable, straightforward.  Ideal for writing of all kinds, prose or poetry, regardless of experience and ability.

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Writing Into Freedom

For prose-writers and poets, an astounding deal that gets you ALL the audio courses on this site... at an absolute rock-bottom price.

A workout for anyone serious about being connected to their writing, hoping to take the next step in inventiveness - but who wants to enjoy doing it!

This substantial package will guarantee the transformation of your writing, moving you in fresh directions without needing months to get there.

A fun initiation into a deep inner journey.

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What, precisely, is the writerly gift that you're able to give to the world, and to yourself?

Do you yearn to engage more deeply with your Inner Writer, allowing your creativity free rein to rejuvenate your entire writing journey?

Mario can support you at every level, from the transformative to the intensely practical.  He offers in-depth guidance if you're seeking fresh insight and clarity in your writing, and immense expertise if you're hoping to overcome a particular writing issue or undertake a project such as a pamphlet or chapbook.


Writing Into Freedom
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"I created Writing Into Freedom because I've witnessed so much artistic suffering with SO many writers over the years: wonderful and genuine people who brim with a yearning to write, but can't quite seem to get there..."

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Writers! - what's the SECRET no one tells you?

Our writing can preserve an important memory or experience we’ve had. But is this the ONLY way to write? This FREE video describes a stunning alternative...


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